The Biology Project

“The Biology Project” is an interactive website that contains resources for learning biology. You can find there resources on topics such as Mendelian Genetics, Immunology, Developmental Biology, and Biochemistry. This Website is maintained by the Department of Molecular & Cellular Biology at The University of Arizona . Link to The Biology Project Website: Images/video source:The Biology Project Website Continue reading The Biology Project

Orbital Viewer

“Orbital Viewer” is a website that will help you visualize the orbitals that correspond to different atoms. It contains visual resources that will allow you to understand how the shape of the orbital is affected by a change in their quantum numbers. The site is maintained by David Manthey. Link to Orbital Viewer Website: Images/video source: Orbital Viewer Website Continue reading Orbital Viewer

Kiyoshi Nakauchi

“Kiyoshi Nakauchi” is a software developer from Japan who creates open code sources for creative coding. He mainly uses openFrameworks which is an open source C++  toolkit for creative coding. Nakauchi posts his work on instagram and the code sources for it. Check him out at: @kiyoshinakauchi Link to Kiyoshi Nakauchi Website: Images/Video source:  Kiyoshi Nakauchi Website Continue reading Kiyoshi Nakauchi

Awkward Botany

“Awkward Botany” is a blog where you can find a lot of resources on Botany. It has content that covers topics in: horticulture, agriculture, plant ecology, and urban ecology. The website is maintained by Daniel, a self-proclaimed bona fide plant nerd. If you like plants, you will most likely find something that strikes your attention there! Link to Awkward Botany Website: Images/video source: Awkward … Continue reading Awkward Botany

Master Organic Chemistry

“Master Organic Chemistry” is a website where you can access content that will help you learn organic chemistry. It has some great free resources that include: reaction guides, study guides, case studies for organic chemistry. Link to Master Organic Chemistry Website: Images/video source: Master Organic Chemistry Website Continue reading Master Organic Chemistry


“Calistry” is a website that contains free calculators in different areas of chemistry. A few of them are in the realms of: quantum mechanics, electrochemistry, spectroscopy, radioactivity, magnetochemistry, and so many more. The work in Calistry is developed by Arkajit, Arghya, Sucharita and Tarit.  Link to Calistry Website: Images/video source: Calistry Website Continue reading Calistry