• The Biology Project
    “The Biology Project” is an interactive website that contains resources for learning biology. You can find there resources on topics such as Mendelian Genetics, Immunology, Developmental Biology, and Biochemistry. This Website is maintained by the Department of Molecular & Cellular Biology at The University of Arizona . Link to The Biology Project Website: Images/video source:The Biology Project Website
  • The Bio-Web
    “The Bio-Web” is a website that gathers resources for molecular and cell biologists. It has very useful tools that include: sequence randomizer, DNA reverse complement, oligo finder, and so much more! Link to The Bio-Web website: Images/video source: The Bio-Web Website
  • Awkward Botany
    “Awkward Botany” is a blog where you can find a lot of resources on Botany. It has content that covers topics in: horticulture, agriculture, plant ecology, and urban ecology. The website is maintained by Daniel, a self-proclaimed bona fide plant nerd. If you like plants, you will most likely find something that strikes your attention there! Link to Awkward Botany Website: Images/video source: Awkward …
  • Omni Calculator
    “Omni Calculator” is an online tool that contains 826 free calculators. You can use it for many different things. The calculators range from topics in physics and chemistry such as projectile range and boiling point calculators,  to health topics cardiac output and free water deficit calculators.  Link to Omni Calculator website: Images/video source: Omni Calculator website
  • Fight Aging
    “Fight Aging” is a website that gathers information and resources about things related to Longevity. The content of this website includes: new anti-aging therapies currently on trials, science behind aging, information regenerative medicine,  and so much more.  Link to Fight Aging website: Images/video source: Fight Aging website
  • Cells Alive
    “Cells Alive” is an amazing website that contains images and videos of cells and organisms that you can use for research and learning. Cells Alive is maintained by Jim Sullivan and it has 4 million users every year.  Iink to Cells Alive  Website: Images/video Source: Cells Alive Website
  • Innerbody
    “innerbody ” is a website that contains an online guide to medical and wellness tests. It contains: reviews on popular tests such as 23andme genetic test and stdcheck, learning material about the different tests, and many more resources! If you are looking for objective, and science-based advice to select the best test for you, make sure you to check it out. Images/video source: Innerbody website …
  • Transplant Living
    “Transplant Living” is a non-profit organization that has many useful resources to learn about organ transplants. They range from: life after receiving a transplant, types of organ transplants, diseases after a transplant, and so much more.  Link to “Transplant Living” website: Images Source: Transplant Living Website
  • Protein Data Bank
    “Protein Data Bank” is  a website where you can access structural information about proteins. This includes: 3-D structure, nucleic acids, complex assemblies, and so much more information! Protein Data Bank is funded by the National Science Foundation, the National Institutes of Health, and the US Department of Energy.
  • Virology Bolg
    “Virology Blog” is a great website to learn more about viruses and viral diseases. It has a collection of great resources and links to enrich your knowledge about viruses. Link to “Virology Blog” website: Images source: Virology Blog website
  • Learn Genetics
    “Learn.Genetics” is a website that contains lots of  open learning material to help you supplement your genetics learning. On this website you can find amazing resources to learn more about topics, such as cloning, epigenetics, stem cells, gene therapy and so on. This amazing platform it is developed by the University of Utah.⁣⁣⁣⁣⁣⁣⠀ Link to Learn Genetics website:⁣⁣⁣⁣ Images/ video source: Learn Genetics Website