Orbital Viewer

“Orbital Viewer” is a website that will help you visualize the orbitals that correspond to different atoms. It contains visual resources that will allow you to understand how the shape of the orbital is affected by a change in their quantum numbers. The site is maintained by David Manthey. Link to Orbital Viewer Website: http://www.orbitals.com/orb/ov.htm Images/video source: Orbital Viewer Website Continue reading Orbital Viewer


“Calistry” is a website that contains free calculators in different areas of chemistry. A few of them are in the realms of: quantum mechanics, electrochemistry, spectroscopy, radioactivity, magnetochemistry, and so many more. The work in Calistry is developed by Arkajit, Arghya, Sucharita and Tarit.  Link to Calistry Website: http://calistry.org Images/video source: Calistry Website Continue reading Calistry

ACD/ Labs

“ACD/ ChemSketch” is a freeware that will enable you to draw chemical structures. You will be able to calculate the molecular weight, density, molar refractivity and so on, and name chemical structures that contain fewer than 50 atoms. Request the free license for personal and academic use at the link below (1 individual installation). Link to ACD/ Labs Website: https://www.acdlabs.com/resources/freeware/chemsketch/ Images/video source: ACD/ Labs Website Continue reading ACD/ Labs

Facio Software

“FACIO” is open source software to help you study and research theoretical chemistry. This software is great for Fragment Molecular Methods of GAMESS (Another computational chemistry software) because it gives you a graphic user interface for input and output files. Facio is developed by Masahiko Suenaga at Kyushu University in Japan. Images source: Facio Website Link to Facio Software website:  http://www.zzzfelis.sakura.ne.jp/ Continue reading Facio Software


“NWChem” is an open computational software that allows you to deal with large scientific problems such as biomolecules, nanostructures, gaussian functions and so on. A few of the things you can use this software for are: quantum molecular dynamics, electronic structure analysis, potential energy surface analysis, quantum mechanical methods, etc. The software is maintained by the EMSL ( Environmental Molecular Sciences Laboratory) located at the … Continue reading NWChem


ChemTube3D is an amazing website to supplement your chemistry learning. It contains interactive animations and structures with their supplementary information. If you have ever struggled understanding chemistry concepts that require you to visualize things in 3d, this is the go to website! ChemTube3D is brought to you by Liverpool University. Link to ChemTube3D: http://www.chemtube3d.com Continue reading ChemTube3D