Kiyoshi Nakauchi

“Kiyoshi Nakauchi” is a software developer from Japan who creates open code sources for creative coding. He mainly uses openFrameworks which is an open source C++  toolkit for creative coding. Nakauchi posts his work on instagram and the code sources for it. Check him out at: @kiyoshinakauchi Link to Kiyoshi Nakauchi Website: Images/Video source:  Kiyoshi Nakauchi Website Continue reading Kiyoshi Nakauchi


ChemTube3D is an amazing website to supplement your chemistry learning. It contains interactive animations and structures with their supplementary information. If you have ever struggled understanding chemistry concepts that require you to visualize things in 3d, this is the go to website! ChemTube3D is brought to you by Liverpool University. Link to ChemTube3D: Continue reading ChemTube3D