• Kiyoshi Nakauchi
    “Kiyoshi Nakauchi” is a software developer from Japan who creates open code sources for creative coding. He mainly uses openFrameworks which is an open source C++  toolkit for creative coding. Nakauchi posts his work on instagram and the code sources for it. Check him out at: @kiyoshinakauchi Link to Kiyoshi Nakauchi Website: Images/Video source:  Kiyoshi Nakauchi Website
  • Elmer Software
    Elmer is an open source simulation software for physics, such as acoustics, fluid dynamics, electromagnetics, structural mechanics, and so on. Elmer is developed by the CSC – IT Center for Science in Finland. Image/Video Source: Elmer Website Link to Elmer Software website:
    “NASA SOFTWARE” is a software that is developed by NASA and that you can access for free! It currently has 972 programs available! Some of the software categories available are: system testing, operations, vehicle management,  propulsions, crew and life support, and so on.  Link to NASA software: Images and video source source: NASA software website